Saturday, August 23, 2003


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The Swing

I went and played golf today by myself in Fremont. It was sloppy, wet, the greens were fast, and two other groups had the same tee time. I played fast, and didn't keep score. Just did nine holes. I've been playing a lot more this summer (in Portland a couple weeks ago; the course was beautiful -- they tend to be really lush and green in the Northwest).

When I was 19 I stayed with Pat at his families house on Catawba Island, across from a golf course. We played fairly frequently, and I sucked. I had never played before, but I enjoyed tooling around on the golf cart with a 12-pack of beer. It was that occasional great shot that went long, and far that made it all worthwhile.

Today I found my golf swing. My long game has been getting better over the summer. I had another lesson, and have been trying to pay attention to other people's golf swings as well. I tended to bring the club only 3/4's the way back, and then would just swing with my arms. I never really leaned into the swing, pivoting my hip like you do when you throw a baseball.

Today, on a 274 yard par 3 I had to just sit and practice swing. The people ahead of me were hitting about 50 yards at a time, so I just kept practicing -- there was nothing else to do. I found my self bringing the club all the way back and then following through with a lot more power, just sweeping the club head over the grass. I stepped up to the ball, and swung. It was a nice shot; I went all 274 yards and landed about 4 yards parallel to the cup.

I had to be alone; no one will ever believe it. I even completely cleared the water hazard, instead of going around it.

It was beautiful. I had the same feeling I get when I write a song, or achieve something difficult.

Friday, August 22, 2003


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Letter From Owen

Hello Mark,

Still Alive?

I have an idea for a story. My family is hosting a wedding for my eldest
sister in 10 days, and 100 people will descend on Castle Owen. I don't know
most of them and they hail from rural Georgia and Rural Wisconsin. Pat will
be there but will REMAIN ON HIS DIET.

My idea was to make this into a Star Trek episode - from the ORIGINAL Star
Trek. The family and our business is the Enterprise. The wedding is an
approaching, ominous BLUE CLOUD that comes complete with sound dramatic
sound effects.

In our family business we've been waiting for a big check to arrive for an
order, and it finally has. In Star Trek that means 'engine trouble', and
we're "waiting for critical parts". We're stuck on impulse power just as
the BLUE CLOUD appears and comes towards us.

My last camera shot as the cloud sweeps past the Enterprise is the sirens
going off; the red lights flashing, and "INTRUDER ALERT!" going off as we
get a close up of a grim Capt. Kirk.

It all ends having been a wonderful, character-building experience. THE END

Do you have any ideas about what the BLUE CLOUD really is, and could you
write the rest of the story me? I'm having several people write it, and
I'll do one too. I wonder how they'll compare. Yours cannot have that
green slave woman.



Sunday, August 17, 2003

The Long Drive
I took a day trip to Phoenix, AZ on Friday. I flew down early in the morning, spent the day, and decided that rather than flying back -- I'd drive. So, I rented a car, and drove, drove, drove. Total Distance: 752.37 miles. It took me over 12 hours. Never again.