Friday, March 14, 2003

Pat and I are having a discussion about webcams here in the blog. I really love them. I like them even more because they're not always in perfect focus; there's a warmth to the image, to me, as a result of this. It reminds me of Polaroid photographs. I remember seeing a David Lynch photo exhibit. They were all Polaroids of Isabella Rossellini at an extreme closeup. There were amazingly beautiful to look at. The other cool thing about webcam photos is that it's a cooperative relationship between the subject and the person taking the photo. Here's a shot from the new [diana] pics.

***I think that captured webcam shots can be just as valid as traditional photography. What do you think?
Well that depends; is your goal the image or the tool you use to generate it?

I have seen clean, calculated, technically perfect photo's that were crap. I have seen photocopy art that was fragile and beautiful.

There is a certain elitism in the art world. It's only art if you do it this way. Like those painters who say - "unless you use oil paints, it isn't really painting". Or photogrphers who put down digital images or PhotoShop things. It's just an excuse to feel superior.

For my part, art begins and ends with the image. And a camera is a camera.

Every tool has it's strengths and limitations. The web cam is a relatively new tool. I don't know anyone who has figured out what it’s best suited for. So far all I've seen is bad porn and foggy portraits.

I've wondered if it might require a more formal approach. Like those posed portrait type images you saw 100 years ago. It doesn't seem the best vehicle for color. Maybe it'll be a better black and white type tool.

I don't own one myself, so this is all speculation. But it would be interesting to see a series of black and white still lifes. Take the image, load it into PhotoShop and play around. Maybe stylize the grainy-ness and texture

It also doesn’t have a whole lot of depth perception. That is a limitation, but it could also be used for a specific effect. Focusing the image around a single point. Or creating visual patterns of non-specific texture; like you see in painting.

I don't know. But to answer the question - yes. It's as valid as standard photography. It's as valid as oil painting.

I updated the gallery. I added a page with some webcam shots. I see some cool stuff on webcams. Interesting lighting, and angles. I think that captured webcam shots can be just as valid as traditional photography. What do you think?

Thursday, March 13, 2003

the trees creaked and moaned under the weight of all the ice today. i went outside and the whole sidewalk and driveway were covered in a thin layer of ice, which itself was covered over by a thin layer of snow. so i shoveled up the snow and sprinkeled a bunch of salt all over everything. then i went inside and got my camera....there were all kinds of little weeds and stuff that were coated with ice....they all looked so delicate. hopefully i got some good pix...won't know till saturday though. today was the first day in a long time that i actually stayed home the entire day...didn't even bother to go out and chip away at the car. my mother was home today too...she made chocolate chip cookies and i ate the dough....i think she puts extra brown sugar in her cookies, they always taste better than mine. then my grandfather came over for dinner. we had breaded cod and hashbrowns with greenbeans, and for dessert, coookies! my mother was having a hard time getting all of her cookies into a bowl, so my grandfather, (a man of very few words) said, "want me to eat those ones on the top there?" what an all american family!
tonight's sposed to get really cold, then warm weather after that. i'm waiting with bated breath.

anyways, i love the pix of vancouver mark. very nice. hope you're having fun up there.

tippity tippity tap tap
the keys go clickity clickity clack clack
the ink is black, and the clock tick tocks,
and my shoes squish squash and i'm standing on
the edge of nothingness, peering into the dark,
waiting for that little bit of electricity, that subtle
little spark,
but all remains dark
so i take a walk to the park,
and my bluejeans dig into my gut,
a permanent waistband from years of being a glut
tons of pennies in my pockets
weigh me down, the wind blows through
my long luxurious hair, and i sigh, wishing i were THERE

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Monday, March 10, 2003


Chairs - taken at the Irish Heather in the Gastown area of Vancouver, BC. March 2003

Building - Vancouver, BC. March 2003

Gastown - Vancouver, BC. March 2003

Onezed - Vancouver, BC. March 2003

Statue - this was in an X-File episode. Vancouver, BC. March 2003

Wires - Vancouver, BC. March 2003

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Hey there

How are you?

I got an ow-y on my big toe, involving me and the edge of something large and wooden. I haven't looked at it yet, but I'm sure I bruised the shit out of something.

Oh well

Sunday night. Stuck at the office with no keys and a big bottle of Shiraz (Southern Australian)

Will wonders never cease?

2 weeks and counting before I am a full time, Catawba Island residence.

Have pity on me lord
I'm sweet as a whore
But I'm nowhere as easy
as she

Not to quote myself, or anything


PS: They're playing "Patience" on the radio. WMMS.12:08 am.

Reminds me off Art College in Columbus, oh so long ago. They played it on the Grammy’s that year. Really blew me away.

I watched it on the big TV we had on 9th Avenue. The one with the rounded screen we watched "Eraserhead" on. That gave off a serious blue light. That had such lousy reception. That smelled so terrible when we took it out of Anton’s truck, that we threw the fucking thing away.

"Is that what our appartment smelled like?" you asked. Anton looked away uncomfortably.


Insignificant details of existence make bulk of our existence. I think that's what I'm trying to explain with the photography. You walk over that same little patch of grass or road or floor board so many times, you just stop looking. It looses its impact. You almost forget it exists.

It’s all very fine. But you’ve seen it so many times, how could it not loose all impact? How could you not regard it as anything but mundane and ordinary?

What's that old saying? "Show me a good looking woman, and I'll show you a man who's tired of fucking her"

We don't really realize how beautiful our surroundings really are. But it's not big, idyllic landscapes. It's those little patches of grass. Handfuls of leaves on a dirty wooden surface. Color of the sky through a rainy windshield.

The way her hair looks against her neck; sitting in that chair in the dwindling twilight. The way you can tell she's smiling, just by the color of her voice.