Sunday, March 02, 2003

i used the word YAWP today in a scrabble game i lost by ten points.....there's this guy James....i just can't seem to beat him...sorta pisses me off. of course, he is sixty some years old and reads at least an hour every day. i actually started reading the dictionary just so that i would be able to beat him....i don't remember ever being so competitive. we have a new system at work now. you can come in with digital files on just about any type of media,(memory cards, zip disks, cd's) and fix up the color, then send it to our printing machine so that it'll print out regular c-prints for you. it's prolly gonna cost an arm and a leg though....we'll see. i think i'm going to make some dye-sub prints and see how long they last for real. the audblog sucks. i can't understand a lot of it...oh, and by the way pat, what you described doesn't happen to me and as you fade off into oblivion tonight, remember all the starving children in somalia who'd love to have all that beer to fill their little bloated tummies. whatever...gnight


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